Mr Wong Tew Foon

Wong Tew Foon is a Singaporean, a member of the Collectors Association (Singapore). He holds a Bachelor of Science, majoring in Chemistry and is a Chinese Medicine Practitioner. When he travelled to Beijing in 1985, he became interested in collecting Chinese cultural relics and porcelain. The main collections include ancient porcelain from the Song, Yuan, Ming, and Qing Dynasties and porcelain from the Republic of China and figure sculptures porcelain from Shiwan Kiln.

Mr Soo Koon Tye

Soo Koon Tye is a Singaporean born in 1944. He is a member of the Collectors Association (Singapore). He was a teacher in mathematics and fine arts at Yio Chu Kang Secondary School. He established various Chinese medicine pharmaceutical factories in Malaysia, Shanghai and Singapore. In 1975, he started his collection, including paintings and calligraphy, teapots, stamps, ancient jade, coins and antique porcelain.

Mr Neo Aik Siong

Neo Aik Siong is a Singaporean, one of the founding members of the Collectors’ Association (Singapore). He was the speaker of the China Export ware at Singapore Museum and the seminar speaker of the renowned pioneer entrepreneur Mr Lim Nee Soon. His collection includes Chinese paintings and calligraphy, Southeast Asian paintings, Japanese paintings, Indian miniatures, ancient jade, sculptures, gemstones, teapots, antique ceramics and miscellaneous items.

Mrs Liu Dongzhu

Liu Dongzhu is a permanent resident of Singapore, a member of the Collectors' Association (Singapore). Her ancestral hometown at Tianjin, China. She is the "Art Exhibition International Co., Ltd." and "Arts and Antiques Marketplace" partner. She met many friends and customers in China and Singapore who love culture and art and have learned a lot of knowledge and experience about collecting. Her primary collections cover the calligraphy and painting work of local calligraphers and painters in China and Singapore, and others include some porcelain, jade, teapots, snuff bottles.

Mr Yeong Siew Chang

Yeong Siew Chang is a Singaporean, one of the founding members of the Collectors’ Association (Singapore). When my passion for jade stone sculptures began at a young age in primary school, I searched for artworks in the night markets. After high school, I was conferred an award for engineering studies in Japan by the Singapore government. This gave me several years of opportunity to widen my knowledge and interest in the Japanese traditional arts such as Ukiyoe painting, ceramics, carvings, bonsai and others. Years later, I had the opportunity to work in China for several years, where I spent most of my leisure hours in museums and flea markets to deepen my appreciation of the Chinese traditional arts. As markets in China was less developed, demand for antiques was not high. As a result, prices were reasonable, although the number of art pieces was comparatively scarce. By visiting the local museums, I also gained a better understanding of carving and its development throughout the dynasties. Antique collection is indeed an ideal hobby and pastime for someone at the prime age of 70. To relieve fatigue, I will place one or two jade items in my palms, rub them, and admire their beautiful artwork, texture, and translucency. It is really a great pleasure!

Mr Yong Cheong Thye

Yong Cheong Thye is a Singaporean born in 1946, a member of the Collectors’ Association (Singapore), an acclaimed contemporary calligrapher in Singapore. His ancestors are Natives of Nanhai, Guangdong. He graduated from Nanyang Arts College in Singapore in 1966. In 1967, he studied calligraphy with the famous calligrapher Tsue Ta Ti, and became his protégé. He was awarded the champion of the National Calligraphy Competition in 1976 and 1977. In 1986, he won first prize in Singapore's "Buddhist Art Competition", In 2000, he was awarded the Silver Prize of the European International Oriental Art Exhibition, and since 2007, he was awarded various Japanese Oil Painting Academy Awards. Since 1985, there have been no less than 70 calligraphy solo shows, joint exhibitions and exchange showcases in big cities around the world. He has also been the judge of numerous calligraphy competitions at home and abroad. Yong Cheong Thye created new calligraphic characters with unique visual beauty, and has exhibited his calligraphic works in various countries around the world. He has travelled to Jingdezhen twice, to create his personal calligraphy decorations onto porcelain by combining calligraphy with ceramic for artistic crystallization. In recent years, he has been combining calligraphy with wood carving. Chinese characters originated from oracle bone hieroglyphics inscriptions and bronze script. Subsequently many other different scripts such as running script, seal script, clerical script and regular script of different kind of voluminous words patterns presentation were developed. These scripts fully demonstrate the artist’s ability and effort to combine Chinese traditional culture with modern ceramics and woodcarving decoration art, and has been widely praised. senior judge of the Chinese Calligraphy Society Of Singapore; Vice President of the Lion City Calligraphy and Seal Cutting Association; Vice President of the Federation of Art Societies; Singapore Office Director of the Chinese Oracle Association; Art Consultant of the Shandong Weifang International art “Stone Forest Stele Forest” 。 Its works are more favored by collectors and institutions at home and abroad, including former Singaporean President Nathan, Mr. and Mrs. Lainov (Estée Lauder Cosmetics Co., Ltd.), Loh Wing Siew (Directors of Keppel Corporation), Geraid Jordan. Associate Professor of History. Faculty of Arts,Toronto, Institutions include United Overseas Bank, American Express, United Nations Children's Fund, National Gallery of Singapore, National Library of Singapore, Confucius Institute of Nanyang Technological University, Singapore Buddhist Welfare Association, Du Pont Co., Ltd., Singapore, City Development (displayed at Republic Plaza), Holland Europe International Oriental Art Center, Indonesian Calligraphy Association, Hunan Calligraphers' Association, Jiangsu Oracle Literature Association, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Xing'an Calligraphy and Painting Institute, Taiwan Chinese Oracle Literature Association.

Professor Ang Chiat

Ang Chiat is a Singaporean, a member of the Collectors’ Association (Singapore), currently a full-time senior Professor at the School of Arts and Design (Dept of 3D Design) of Nanyang Academy of Arts in Singapore. His discipline is the undergraduate/master degree instructor of object and jewellery design, mass communication and branding. Ang Chiat is also a visiting scholar and professor of art at Beijing Foreign Studies University, Wuhan University and Peking University, based in Beijing, China. He is also a researcher and research consultant on modern and contemporary Chinese painting and calligraphy at the Academy of Fine Arts. Ang Chiat is an educator for 20 years, graduated with excellent conduct and academy first-class master degree from the Advertising Department of the Savannah School of Art and Design in the United States in 1992. During his tenure in the Academy, and worked very hard to contribute to his alma mater. In 2006, he received a master's degree in education from Singapore (Nanyang University). A decade later, he received a graduate diploma in creative concepts from Harvard University. In addition to teaching, Ang Chiat has also quietly and meticulously studied and explored the essence of Chinese painting and calligraphy and increased his understanding of the inheritance of Chinese culture. In 2019, Mr Ang Chiat graduated from the Hangzhou Chinese Academy of Arts with a doctorate in arts of "Appraisal of Ancient Paintings and Calligraphy". During his three-year study, Ang Chiat, in addition to participating in the Zhao Mengfu International Student Seminar held by the China Academy of Fine Arts (Guomei) in 2017, also participated in the preparatory work for various exhibitions of Chinese great master paintings and worked as an intern at the Shanghai Museum. During the internship, he absorbed the experience of rich research programs. He gradually enhanced his in-depth study of Chinese calligraphy and paintings. He strengthened his multi-faceted thinking, citing a variety of literature and events and from different angles to make judgments and identification. Ang Chiat’s experience in practice and academic research has confirmed the old saying that "good ideas come from hard study and thinking, true, good and beautiful painting and the artistic appreciation of the spirit comes from personal cultivation and moral integrity".

Dr Yeo Seem Huat

Maintaining a healthy mind, promoting the beautiful Chinese culture - Dr Yeo Seem Huat Dr Yeo Seem Huat, MBBS, FRANZCP, FAMS, is a third-generation Singaporean Chinese whose ancestral roots lie in Xiamen, Fujian province, China. He currently maintains his private psychiatric practice at Paragon Medical at Orchard Road in Singapore. Dr Yeo is a fellow of the Academy of Medicine Singapore and a fellow of The Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists. He also serves as medical advisor for Singapore-China Business Association, Singapore Amoy Association, Huayuan Association, Singapore Hokkien Yeo See Association and other community organisations. He is a member of the Collectors' Association (Singapore). In the 1940s, Dr Yeo's grandfather sailed across the seas from China to Singapore. Dr Yeo’s father, Mr Yeo Yeow Kee, a barge merchant and President of Gongshang Primary School Alumni Association, was very passionate about and accorded great importance to Chinese education and Chinese cultural development. He therefore enrolled Dr Yeo in Catholic High School at a young age. The Catholic school was founded by the late Reverend Father Edward Becheras from France, who emphasised the implementation of bilingualism, placing equal importance on Chinese and English. This established the foundation for Dr Yeo's proficiency in both languages. Dr Yeo calls himself a "doctor who walks on two legs,” due to his medical specialisation and collection of Red China artefacts. He specialises in psychiatry, and is also a renowned collector of Red China artefacts from the 1960s and 1970s. Dr Yeo was influenced and nurtured by his father, who often brought him to watch the Yellow River Cantata by Xian Xinghai, The True Story of Ah Q by Lu Xun, Xiang Lin Sao and other stage performances. This exposure cultivated Dr Yeo's love for Chinese culture and art from a young age. During his secondary school days, Dr Yeo’s Chinese teacher, Professor Lu Hwaichun, taught him the poems and quotations of Chairman Mao. This nurtured Dr Yeo’s deep appreciation for Mao Zedong's poetry and philosophical views on dialectical materialism. Dr Yeo loves collecting Chinese art, especially art from the 1960s and 1970s from China. He spent nearly three decades specialising in collecting art from that unique era, including oil paintings, posters, porcelains, as well as wood, ivory and stone carvings. These cultural artefacts reflect an exceptional period in Chinese history, embodying distinctive characteristics of that era, and bears testimony to this period in history. Dr Yeo is truly a Red China artefacts collector. Over the last five years, Dr Yeo has also emphasised a return to nature to nurture good health. He established the Sikkim Discovery group, with the aim of improving the health of mind and body. He leads a group of entrepreneurs back to nature each year, to breathe in the fresh air, enjoy forest baths (Shinrin-Yoku), bask in the sunshine, and share new knowledge and latest discoveries on health. Dr Yeo's motto is “Place health first, live in the present, and pay attention to wellbeing." He regards himself as a Chinese descendant, and is grateful of his roots and heritage. Even though Dr Yeo resides in the lion city of Singapore, he often dreams of the beautiful land of China. Significantly, on the 70th anniversary of the founding of The People's Republic of China, Dr Yeo wishes China a happy 70th National Day, and may it enjoy prosperity, stability, progress, harmony and peace.

Ms Huang Hong

Huang Hong, Courtesy name Danhong, once known as Xun Wen, is also known as Mi Shanzi. EMBA of Bejing University. She is a painter, independent curator and a Guangdong Fine Arts Association member. She is a native of Hunan, now residing in Singapore.  She is an Executive Council member of the Federation of Art Societies Singapore, vice president of the Nanyang Artists' Association and executive director of the Danhong Art Centre in Singapore. She is a permanent member of the Singapore Collectors Association and is fond of collecting renowned calligraphies, paintings and antique jewellery. Her teachers include Professor Fang Chuxiong, a flower and bird painter at Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts and the landscape painter Professor Zhang Yan and other renowned teachers. She is keen to popularize Chinese traditional culture.  She has successfully planned international painting exhibitions such as Lingnan Painting, Silk Road Zen Bridge, and Art of the Three Kingdoms and other exhibitions. At the same time, she emphasised the lineage and development of art and teaches in Singapore to train the next generation of art successors. In the study of traditional techniques in painting, her paintings are bold and innovative. The ink is unrestrained and vibrant, full of agility, expressing her unique artistic language. She was interviewed twice by Lianhe Zaobao. She hosted the "Ink Danhong" Singapore Solo Exhibition in 2019. Her Works have been exhibited in Singapore, China (Hong Kong, Taiwan), Malaysia, Korea, and other places. Her paintings have attracted institutions and collectors. She has participated in many charity exhibitions in Singapore and Malaysia. On 30 June 2022, awarded the "Certificate of Merit for Philanthropy" by Singapore President Halima Yacob.

Mr Ong Eng Kang

Ong Eng Kang is a Singaporean, a member of the Collectors’ Association (Singapore). He has been collecting antique ceramics since 1995. He has collected more than 200 pieces of various types of porcelain, including porcelains from China’s various dynasties, including Western Jin Dynasty, Five dynasties, Song, Yuan, Ming, Qing and the Republic of China. His collections are mainly from Southeast Asia and bought from auctions. He is particularly keen on the research and collection of Yuan Dynasty porcelain.

Mr Ng Hoo Seng

Ng Hoo Seng is a Singaporean, a member of the Collectors' Association of Singapore. He graduated from Nanyang University College of Science, University of Singapore, Dept of Systems Science and Technology, and Chartered Institute of Transportation and Logistics, UK. He has been involved in business between Indonesia and Singapore for several years now, primarily engaged in international telecommunications and data centre services. In addition to his business career, he is interested in collecting ancient cultural relics and carvings, mainly including ancient pottery, Yixing tea port and thorn carving.

Mrs Tan Kwok Gek Ping Jasmine

Mrs Tan Kwok Gek Ping Jasmine is a Singapore citizen, a member of the Collectors' Association (Singapore), grew up in a Chinese Art and Antique enthusiast family. Her Grandparents were frequently in touch with Chinese Art and Culture in the 1900s. Her father (born 1938) would be invited to China to purchase goods for resale frequently. With their influence, Gek Ping also likes Chinese Art and Artefacts. In 1983, Gek Ping's father ended his Chinese Art and Antique business. Nonetheless, he loved the Chinese Art and Artefacts and would often check out the used goods market with his wife and buy old things. Due to Gek Ping's interest in Chinese Culture and Art, her father passed her the old shop registered name, “China Curios”. Gek Ping did not operate the Chinese Art and Antique shop. She, however, continued to purchase Chinese Art and collect Chinese Art. The year 2008 is the turning point, the 2nd year after her father passing in 2007. She touched down in China for the very first time. It was the year of the Beijing Olympics. There, she toured the Palace grounds and the Beijing Museum. Gek Ping then realised the importance and vastness of our Chinese History and Cultural Heritage. Gek Ping has since appreciated the significance of our Chinese roots and embarked on a learning journey, researching, exploring, handling, touching artefacts and reading up journals and articles to charge up her knowledge in Chinese Art and Artefacts. Upon seeing the Chinese people's beauty, skills, and capability, she felt deeply responsible for passing on the knowledge of things she sees since birth to the next generation. She hopes she can continually improve on her collection and bring the name “China Curios” to light and fruition.

Mr Tan Teck Bee

Tan Teck Bee is a Singaporean, seventy-one years old, and a member of the Collectors’ Association (Singapore). He graduated with academic achievement of Bachelor of Science. The collection begins in the 1980s, including paintings, calligraphy and ceramics.

Mr Lim Chong Lin

Mr. Lim Chong Lin is a Singaporean and a member of the Collectors’ Association (Singapore). While working in the communication technology and electronic system integration industries, he already had a strong interest in Chinese antique art, primarily paintings and ceramics. Since his expatriation in Beijing, China in the late 1980s, he began systematically reading antique books and literature, and frequently visited the antique markets and museums there and in the nearby cities and searched for ancient ceramics for collection. His collections are mainly from the Tang, Song, Yuan, Ming, and Qing dynasty. However, as the Chinese culture is broad and profound, he feels that there is still a lot for him to learn. He hopes to engage in more discussions with the senior members of the association to gain more relevant knowledge about collections.

Mr Li Aifa

Li Aifa is a Singaporean born in 1968 in China Fujian, JiangKou, Putian. He is a member of the Collectors’ Association (Singapore). Since 1993, he has been engaging in the construction industry as a career. From 1990s he focused his hobbies on the collection of paintings, calligraphy, antique ceramics and others. He modestly mocked himself that his collection is just a mixture of all kinds and not of superior qualities. He expects to upgrade his standards with the assistance of the members.

Mr Fang Yan Faat

Fang Yan Faat is a Singaporean , a member of the Collectors’ Association (Singapore). He founded Xu Faat Trading Private Limited in 2000. Currently, it has branches in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and Chengdu, China, engaging in the research and development and wholesale of Buddhist articles supplies, as well as wholesale of Chinese tea, including new and old Pu'er, Liubao. In addition to business, He is interested in collecting Fujian Dehua white porcelain. The works are from modern Chinese national and provincial artists master, including Su Qinghe, Lian Zihua, Qiu Shuangjiong, Chen Mingliang, Lan Quansheng, Zheng Xiongpeng, Yan Songliu, Lin Jiansheng, Lin Mudian and others.

Mr Tan Teck Yoke

Tan Teck Yoke, born in Singapore, is a member of the Collectors' Association (Singapore). He is the owner of "Thow Kwang Craft Dragon Kiln", the only surviving Kiln in Singapore. He is from Fengxi District, Chaozhou City, Guangdong Province. His ancestor is engaging the Kiln in porcelain production. As a result, he has forged a strong bond with ceramics throughout his life, and he is deeply affectionate. He frankly said: "I love ceramic crafts!" Most of Singapore's dragon kilns build in the 1930s and 1940s. More than two dozen kilns in Singapore spread across Jurong, Pulau Tekong, Pulau Ubin Island and Serangoon district after World War II. In 1965, Tan father arrived in Singapore and bought the present dragon Kiln located in Lorong Tawas, fulfilling his desire to make ceramics. By the 1960s, Singapore and Malaysia had already produced large amounts of rubber. Therefore, "Thow Kwang Craft Dragon Kiln" Kiln, in response to the demand, mainly produce rubber cups for the rubber plantation industry. In 1970, Singapore used the orchid flower as the national flower, and the orchid flower Industry thrived, and "Thow Kwang Craft Dragon Kiln" turned into orchid flowerpot production. He discovered no more demand for more simple ceramics and the lack of raw clay and firing material. Tan Teck Yoke has decided to change the function of the Kiln to become a place for potters to create, burn and open classes to teach to promote ceramic art and traditional culture education. In 2020, "Thow Kwang Craft Dragon Kiln" won the first intangible heritage award in Singapore. Tan Teck Yoke has carried out close cooperation and exchanges with China significant ceramic-making factories with his passion for ceramics. These include the ceramic capitals of Shiwan and Yixing and the porcelain capitals of Jingdezhen and Chaozhou Fengxi. Therefore, after years of effort, tens of thousands of ceramic wares fill over the Kiln site. If you're interested in ceramics, you can certainly choose a piece of ceramics or pottery at your favourite choice from the display of all kinds of dazzling and beautiful porcelain pieces.

Mr Lee Seok Ming

Lee Seok Ming, born in Singapore in 1951, holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Fudan University, China. A permanent member of Collectors’ Association (Singapore). Lee's passion for Chinese culture and Chinese cultural relics was inspired by his parents, who were keen on collecting. In addition, owing to his deep foundation in Chinese education, after inheriting his parents' collectables, Lee began to broaden his collection to include ceramics, calligraphy and painting, bronze ware and more. Mr Lee joined the Braddell Heights Ceramics Research Association to conduct in-depth research on ancient Chinese ceramics in his early years. Recently, he shifted his focus to the collection of porcelains from the Tang and Song dynasties. Since joining the Singapore Collectors’ Association, he feels that he has found a suitable platform where people who enjoy Chinese culture and Chinese cultural relics can exchange learning with one another. At a broader level, the platform provides opportunities for individual collectors to learn from renowned museums and scholars in the collectable field both locally and internationally. At a local scale, appreciation sessions are also organized for members of the Association to showcase and share about their collections, such that there may be mutual learning and broadening of knowledge among participants of these sharing sessions. Lee hopes to leverage the CAS platform to promote the collection of Chinese cultural relics in Singapore and overseas and wishes to see the local collectors' circle becoming even more vibrant.

Zhao Zhigang

Zhao Zhigang was born in China in 1973 and became a Singaporean citizen in 2007. He studied calligraphy under Mr Zhou Hongtu in Hangzhou. Currently a permanent member of the Singapore Collectors' Association,member of Singapore Art Association. He studied calligraphy at a young age and is skilled in all styles, especially regular and clerical. He has been practising calligraphy for decades. He was deeply influenced by Liu Bingsen and Gong Wang in his early days. For four years, he studied Liu's script exclusively. Later, in order to get rid of Liu's influence, he studied all over Huashan, Liqi, Shi Chen, especially Xia Cheng, Xian Yu Juan and other monuments, and worked especially hard. He also studied Deng Shi Ru and Wu Xizai. He has developed his own style. His works are strong and lively yet sturdy and dynamic. The early regular script is based on Yan Zhenqing, and later on Chu Suiliang, and the small regular script is based on the scriptures written by the Tang people. In recent years, he has become particularly masterful in writing sutras. He has been collected by many people at home and abroad. In the cursive script, he began with Wen Zhengming in the smaller script, and later studied Zhao Mengfu and Wang Xizhi, while in the larger script, he studied Huai Su's self-assessment script. The style of calligraphy is appealing with the styles of elegantly fluent. Collection of calligraphy and painting, practical inkstones and ink products, specialising in calligraphy identification. 1990, Special Prize, Tianjin Jixian Teachers and Students Painting and Calligraphy Exhibition 1996, Solo Exhibition at Xi'an University of Electronic Science and Technology 2018, Excellent Award, Dr Chen Zhichu Art Exhibition 2019, First Prize in Calligraphy, Dr Chen Zhichu Fine Arts Exhibition 2022, Dr Chen Zhichu Fine Arts Exhibition with Wang Maoping (Western painting) and Deng Runeng (Chinese painting) as the previous first prize for calligraphy

Michael Wan

Michael Wan , a Chinese citizen born in Shanghai in 1982, studied in Malaysia for his master's degree in 2008. In 2010, he came to Singapore to work and start collecting porcelain, and in 2013, he joined Singapore International Auction Pte Ltd. He specializes in the dynasty's antique porcelain, Ming and Qing porcelain, modern painting and calligraphy, Ming and Qing jade, ancient jade, Qing snuff bottles and other items. Acquisition and sale of various collectables. Michael Wan 微信ID:ypswbl 电话:0065-81415627

Yong Wan Chee

Yang Wan Chee, a member of the Singapore Collectors' Association, was born in 1947. He completed six years of primary education at Kwong Wah School, then, after graduating from Hwa Chong High School, he continued his studies at Heriot-Watt University in England, where he obtained a degree in ''Estimating and Construction Management''. His knowledge of antiques began more than twenty years ago when his uncle, Mr Ong Mok Sang, was an antique collector and collected a lot of antiques, so naturally, he became acquainted with antiques and became interested in them at the same time. According to his uncle Wang Mu sheng (deceased four years ago), most of his collection of antique porcelain was purchased when he was doing business in Hong Kong. At that time, Mr Mu sheng knew a lot of antique dealers, so he acquired some antiques from them and shipped them to Singapore. When Yang Wan chee first learned to collect antiques, he once bought some porcelain from Mr Wang. In order to increase his knowledge about antiques, he borrowed a lot of related books from the National Library from time to time to refer to and check. In order to better understand and identify the authenticity of porcelain, he bought books such as "The Mystery of the Color Presentation of Blue and White in Yuan Dynasty Porcelain" by Chen Yimin and Chen Ying in 2010; "the Investigation of the Blue and White in Yuan Dynasty in Turkey and Iran Collection" by Xu Ming, and "Microscopic Identification of Ancient Antique Porcelain" by Song Dongsheng. From these writings, he gradually learned about the various characteristics of blue and white porcelain made of Sumani material in the early Ming Dynasty, such as dispersion, black spotting, and undercutting tin light reflection. In 2019 and 2020, the Singapore Collectors' Association was honoured to have Professor Jiang Jianxin, Deputy Director of the Jingdezhen Institute of Ceramic Archaeology, come to Singapore for two lecture sessions. On the occasion of these two visits to Singapore, Yang Wan Chee brought ten pieces of his collection for Professor Jiang's appraisal. After Professor Jiang's appraisal, Yang Wan Chee was very satisfied with the results he received. His current collection includes snuff bottles, Yuan Dynasty Longquan kiln celadon, cloisonné on copper and porcelain. The most satisfying item in his collection is a 90 cm tall Longquan vase. It is a scraped phoenix-tail vase, with an elegant green colour. The other is a lotus leaf wash with blue and white glaze from the end of the Yuan Dynasty.