The Collectors’ Association (Singapore) was founded in 2002. The aim is to establish a global platform to promote the different countries’ diverse traditional arts and cultures by bringing together collectors from all walks of life locally and internationally. 

All members are committed to the spirit of seeking common ground while respecting cultural differences. As the proverb goes, “follow the past and herald the future”. We need to preserve the treasures of our past even though modern society is ever-evolving.

The Collectors’ Association website is finally published. One of the website’s main objectives is to broadcast a wide variety of events. We have shortlisted a few quintessential events for everyone to get a glimpse and an overview of the Collectors’ Association (Singapore).

You will also see our members’ collections on the website, a variety of collectables dated spanning over a period of thousand years. The collection includes Chinese antique ceramics and porcelain from all dynasties. The categories include Warring States pottery, green glaze from Han Dynasty, famous kilns from the Song dynasty, blue and white from the Yuan dynasty, doucai from the Ming dynasty, Famille-rose and enamelled from Qing Dynasty, as well as contemporary porcelain master artists, including the well know Chairman Mao’s porcelain “7501”; ancient famous calligraphy and paintings by renowned scholars of different genres and Singaporean artists. The miscellaneous category includes prominent artists’ works of inside-painted snuff bottles of various materials, Yixing tea pots, porcelain sculptures, ceramic sculptures, wood sculptures, jade sculptures.

The many activities organised by the Collectors’ Association (Singapore) have positively promoted the ceramic cultural industry, while making a modest contribution to society. These had indirectly generated widespread interest in the appreciation of visual art garnered support from the community.

Since the Association’s establishment, all members have worked tirelessly over the years to overcome difficulties and forge ahead. In 2019, we had the opportunity to collaborate with the Jingdezhen Imperial Porcelain Museum and Chinese Cultural Centre of Singapore to hold an Exhibition in Singapore titled, “Silk Road Porcelain Journey, Heavenly Creations – Exhibition of excavated Porcelain from the Imperial Kilns in Jingdezhen”. However, the cultural event was halted due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The event will take place only when travel restrictions are at ease.

Our collaboration with the Jingdezhen Imperial Porcelain Museum will bring us to a new milestone. This ground-breaking event will create a spotlight on Singapore for veteran collectors globally.
The Collectors’ Association (Singapore) hopes that collectors from all walks of life will support the Association’s website in the spirit of multicultural exchange, appreciation, and learning, regardless of national boundaries, and actively participate in the Association’s exchange activities.

The Collectors’ Association (Singapore)